What American Flag Clothes Really Reflects?

American flag clothes became a fashion that cannot be ignored, many people tended to wear the “Flag Type Clothing” lately, but have you ever asked yourself why would they do that?

Most of the people feel proud when they wear clothes of famous brands. The feel of belonging and reflecting the person’s social status through what they wear on that case isn’t so far from what happens while wearing a country’s flag clothes.

Wearing American flag clothes reflects the person’s identity and tendencies, people naturally tend to belong to something. And nothing stronger than to belong to the country you were born in.

Away from the axiomatic meanings that will lead us to think that people do that for the sake of patriotism and belonging solely, there are also some geeky interpretations that relates to wearing American flag clothes. These interpretations are mainly about 3 things.

  • Psychology of Colors “Generally”:

Psychology of colors or color psychology plays an extremely important role in determining whether to wear something or not, you may find the best piece of cloth ever, but because of its color, you ignore buying it. In short and simply you feel like it’s not your style.

But beyond that you are looking into each color’s reflection, and you begin asking yourself, does these colors reflect me?

  • The Flag’s Colors Meaning 

The second thing is the meaning of each color on the flag itself. So, this time we are not talking about what does the RED reflects; we are talking about what does the RED reflects on the American’s flag.

So, according to custom and tradition, white signifies purity and innocence; red, hardiness and valor; and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice. 

These characteristics expresses the emotions of many of those who wear the American flag clothes.

  • Psychology of Shapes

The last thing relates to the different shapes that are drawn on each flag and their meanings. for example the meaning of stripes and the stars on the American flag.

This issue itself reflects two different things. Again, it reflects what is meant by the shapes themselves generally, and what is meant by the drawn shapes on the American flag specifically.

All the previously mentioned conceptions come together to encourage people to wear clothes that have their countries flags. And even other countries flags at sometimes.


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