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Technology is an amazing thing. What was once science-fiction has become science reality over the years. While we’re not yet flying around in cars, some of the immense improvements we’ve made in the digital age are nothing to scoff at. Blockchain technology is one such advancement that has evolved from a simple digital currency (think Bitcoin) into a plethora of useful technologies. In recent years, I have heard the term “blockchain technology” repeatedly, probably in reference to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Sometimes this term is used for Bitcoin Blockchain or Ethereum Blockchain, sometimes for other virtual currencies and digital tokens. Quite simply, blockchain is a decentralized, decentralized ledger technology that records the origin of digital assets. These technologies are revolutionizing the way we do all sorts of things, such as spend money, encode important data, and even communicate with each other.

One of the most important revelations that have come from blockchain technology is the ability to anonymously transmit and receive information. When it comes to encrypted communication, the almost ubiquitous Facebook Messenger is probably the first app you think of when you come across encrypted messages, but you may not realize that WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption of your messages. In fact, WhatsApp uses a super-strong encryption protocol developed by Signal, and the mobile version of the app includes encrypted communication. You are undoubtedly already familiar with WhatsApp’s encryption features, such as the ability to send messages to and from your phone, email, or other devices. But these technologies both have one thing in common: They require a 3rd party server to transmit the information. Encrypted instant messaging messages ensure your privacy and security by ensuring that only the person you are sending the message to can actually read it. If you keep these protections in mind, all your chats are 128-bit encrypted, making it easier to use secure messaging apps. All communications, including text messages, photos, videos and status messages, are encrypted. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that the data is running through a central server and, given enough technology innovations over the next few years, the information could eventually be decrypted.

Enter Utopia, an anonymous messenger P2P platform designed around crypto technology that has completely revolutionized the way you can communicate in the most secure possible way. Utopia’s is genius in the sense that it completely removes any 3rd party from being involved in the line of communication. This provides an absolutely secure and convenient platform to do everything anonymously. We’re talking about everything here, including emails, web browsing, crypto wallets, and of course instant messaging. Since Utopia uses its own DNS (Domain Name) services, which are also P2P, there’s literally no part of the communications data stream that is sent through any 3rd party servers.

As you can see, when it comes to internet privacy, there are multiple solutions. However, for the sake of maximum security, privacy, and for anonymous use of the internet, solutions such as Utopia are the best available. Gone are the days of worrying about securing your data and more importantly, gone are the days of worrying about it ever being decrypted anytime in the future.


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