Setting Up Security Protocols As Companies Embrace Remote Work

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The Pandemic changed the way the world functions, especially the way in which people work. Covid 19 led to a drastic move towards remote working in order for companies to continue in business and employees to continue getting salaries. Remote work had already begun to increase before the pandemic, with the growth of online businesses and digital nomads, however, the pandemic increased the percentage of remote workers to over 61%. Yet, it did not come without turbulence. Some companies had always felt rather uneasy about allowing work from home, with many suspecting that work time at home could be easily converted into time visiting social media, or watching TV. 

Nonetheless, remote working during the pandemic resulted in changing such judgments, as companies came to realize that many employees achieved more if not the same kind of results working from home. Famous and big brands as Twitter or Uber, publicly embraced the new remote working era, as well as many entertainment businesses, like gambling sites. Casino operators are among those who had always incorporated freelance and consultant workers in their organic staff, and during the pandemic didn’t find any difficulties to go to the next level. New job positions opened for young and seasoned professionals, as content managers, web designers and developers, to name a few, to work for a popular online casino.

Yet, companies cannot allow employees to work remotely without a level of security as in the company devices one can find legal documents and confidential details. As such, more and more companies embracing remote working also enhanced their security protocols.

Here is how companies are increasing security protocols for remote work:

1. Two Factor Authentication

When it comes to security most companies are starting at the basics as these are easy to implement. Two-factor authentications when entering company devices, as well as company accounts, have become second nature. This is mainly used as a way to ensure that the person accessing the account is the employee and also to avoid any release of information on account of device theft. Some companies nonetheless are going further ahead and including biometrics in their security protocols, these are usually tech companies with experienced CISOs which can ensure the data of employees also stays secure. 

2. Firewalls and Cloud Storage

Apart from ensuring that the access to accounts is secure, companies are also protecting data that needs to be uploaded and downloaded. Many companies are sticking to cloud services for saving content to ensure that it cannot be traced back to a device. This is even more essential for the companies that are not providing devices to their workers as they can ensure that data is not stored in personal computers. Additionally, companies are ensuring to integrate firewalls such as Kapersky and McAffee to employee devices to protect those from external attacks.

While one might call such measures extreme, it is not without reason that companies are so paranoid, especially since even large companies like Microsoft have been vulnerable to cyber attacks in the pandemic. As such, more companies find the need to protect their data, especially those which are direct to the consumer such as social media websites, since those are protecting large amounts of data from consumers all over the world. Many small businesses are also taking the lead to integrate security protocols into their remote work even with a smaller employee base. This essentially showcases that Covid 19 has demonstrated that while work can be conducted online, security will require more prioritizing and companies will be expected to stay more alert.


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