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Marijuana has been one hot topic these past few years, and now that 2020 is almost over, the growth of legalization has taken root all over America. As the trend continues, we can continue to look forward to the more states becoming more lenient on their ancient weed laws and opening up to allow the growing and consumption of marijuana legally. The growing public support for legal marijuana comes as a growing number of jurisdictions have legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. Medical marijuana will continue to be legal in more states, recreational marijuana use will become more mainstream, and with cards in hand, they’ll have the ability to give patients legal rights and benefits under the state’s marijuana law. These are all amazing trends that will surely be an ongoing movement, especially considering the fact that marijuana has a plethora of positive medical benefits which have become more and more evident over these past few years.

Covid has been devastating to most of the world, but the weed community is thriving more than ever. If you’re involved in growing weed, or are interested in it and have yet to get involved, now has become one of the best opportunities to get your green thumb, considering many of us have been dealt a bad hand when it comes to employment. The culture amongst growers has been spreading at an exponential rate, but there’s been one thing missing: An efficient method for connecting growers together. But, this is all about to change.

There’s a new app coming by the end of 2020 that will connect growers together in a massive community focused on DIY weed growing. This is something that will be welcoming to the growing community and will be a game changer the moment it’s launched. The app is called Seedy and the name couldn’t be more fitting. This is a revolutionary concept created by founder Thomas Lopez that will usher in a massive marketplace designed to make it easy to sell information, equipment, and of course, seeds!

This app launch couldn’t come at a better time and is set to disrupt an otherwise segmented industry. Bringing growers together in a proper marketplace for the first time is going to set an entirely new precedent for how the DIY growing culture communicates, shares ideas and their favorite strains. Whether you’re new to growing or a highly experienced veteran, the app will be one of the most essential and useful tools and will, without a doubt, help expand the DIY culture as well as create new ideas and interesting concepts that would otherwise not be possible before.
As you can see, we’re pretty excited about the concept behind what Seedy will be bringing to the table. We’re enthusiastic about this launch and are certain that this will be a serious game changer for everybody that takes an interest in growing. For more information about Seedy, check out the Seedy website, which is due to launch soon, and give the Seedy introduction video a watch on YouTube.


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