Psychodermatology – The Missing Link to Healthy Skin

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Did you know that several million people in the UK are diagnosed with some sort of chronic skin disease each year? That’s a stunning amount of people. Since the dawn of time, skin ailments have been one of the most troubling conditions that have affected mankind. With the advent of new technologies and cutting edge holistic approaches, you won’t have to live with these types of conditions.

Introducing psychodermatology, one of the lesser-known but very powerful forms of treating all sorts of skin diseases. Psychodermatology recognizes that the skin and mind have a powerful connection and opens a path to treating disorders in ways that were never thought of before. Since skin is one of the most visible things on your body, it’s no wonder that people with disorders can feel down. The visible expression of their skin causes patients to become depressed – and that depression leads to causing the condition to worsen. This vicious cycle can go on and, unless it is broken, will continue to manifest in negative ways. Let’s use the example of having acne. While acne is a very common skin manifestation, even in mild conditions it can cause embarrassment and anxiety when they’re around other people. It’s well known that anxiety causes stress and stress ends up making acne even worse. The goal with psychodermatology is to then empower the person who has this type of situation and heal them from the inside out. Anxiety and depression are extremely powerful emotions that tend to manifest through the skin. Eliminating, or at least reducing these things, can create a better state of mind and mental wellness that will not only help with your skin, but give you a better sense of self.

Psychodermatology treatments are a combination of multiple treatments, such as topical creams and injections, combined with relaxation therapies and other cognitive solutions that create an overall mental wellness. A lifestyle evaluation is necessary since it plays a huge role in your skin’s condition. For instance, lack of sleep, lack of hydration, and lack of exercise has a direct effect on your skin and health overall. Focusing on both the physical and psychological aspects of dermatology provides the best remedy possible for most skin conditions.

So you might be asking yourself, where can I find a dermatologist that understands the nuances of mind and body and is able to help me heal from the inside out? Dr. Alia Ahmed, located in the UK, is one of the most recognized and respected psychodermatologists in the world. Her practice works with all aspects of dermatology but focuses on the mind plus body connection. Having a deep understanding of how lifestyles and emotions affect the skin, Dr. Alia’s practice is capable of handling even the most chronic of cases. People from all over the world come to consult with her and for good reason: Her practice gets real results.

Hopefully, by now, you realize that skin disorders are more than just skin deep. The mind is very powerful, and while it may not be instantly obvious, it has the ability to affect you physically, whether it’s in a positive or negative way.


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