Parental monitoring in the modern age

The internet has brought us so much innovation but there’s a lot of other bad actors that have come along with it. In the modern age, your children’s safety comes with more strings than ever. When I was a kid, “monitoring” meant listening over a phone conversation from somewhere else in the house to make sure my children weren’t getting into any serious mischief. Nowadays, that’s a luxury that doesn’t exist. Instead, if you’re concerned about your children’s safety, getting into their private life is not quite so simple.

Depending on your concerns, there’s a variety of different ways to monitor activity. One of the simplest forms is to audit your internet traffic using your WiFi router’s security. With this you can control which websites your children access and log where they’ve roamed around on the net. This method is great for when you’re at home, but these days, kids can’t live without a smartphone. This means you’ve got to apply a totally different method when they’re on the go.

Highster is one of the best solutions that we’ve seen available. Their app, which is simple to install on your child’s phone, gives the parent unfettered access to all aspects of your child’s activity. It comes crammed with tons of features, such as taking screenshots, capturing passwords, audio and camera capturing, keystroke monitoring and of course GPS location. There’s not much it can’t do, so if you’re looking for the full-feature solution, this is a highly recommended route. The only requirement is an Android compatible phone.

You can find more information on Highster Mobile and a wide range of other apps available for pretty much any type of situation here:

There’s also a great video on an overview of these features available on YouTube:

See? Parental monitoring isn’t that difficult after all. Now that social media is an integrated part of our lives, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your child is safe from online stalkers, pedophiles and the millions of scams and fake websites which can be used to do things such as track your child’s location or convince them to do things they wouldn’t normally even think to do. Thankfully, you’re only an app install away from having to worry about any of those things.


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