2020 – The Mixed Bag of Tech Accomplishments

2020 has been a crazy year. While we’ve been dealing with things like Covid and a crazy election, there have been some pretty incredible new things that have come out in the tech industry. While everybody has been paying more attention to the negative events of 2020, let’s take a look at some of the awesome things that have happened instead.

Being on lockdown has given people the opportunity to be even more creative than ever, and it has also helped big tech in a lot of ways since individuals in the industry have had the opportunity to be razor-focused on innovation and development. While there’s been a lot of negative connotations about 2020, the fact that innovation has been striving, and Big Tech has become one of the most valuable sectors is an extremely notable accomplishment. Let’s also not forget about the daily nitty-gritty in tech. We refer to this site for valuable tech tips on pretty much anything you can imagine that can make your daily life easier using tech products, right down to something as simple as “backspace key is not working on my laptop“. There’s something on this site for everyone.

It is interesting that 2020 will not necessarily produce radically new technologies in response to pandemics, but will force everyone to rethink existing technologies to which they have never fully adapted. Amazon is also killing other wacky products, including a camera called Echo Look that uses AI to assess fashion. The dark side of technology is revealed further from its ugly side with the release of the Amazon Echo, the world’s first smart speaker. 

Whether it’s fingerprint technology that gives you the best possible security at home, heat that keeps your drinks cold, or an advanced baby care app that helps new parents, there are many things that will help you live better and stay safe in 2020. While much of it is niche and experimental, at CES we are pursuing the technology that will improve our lives in the 2020s.

While many things have made leaps and bounds, some things just didn’t change much. CNET editor Scott Stein thinks the iPad Pro model 2020 isn’t significantly faster than the 2018 model, but it uses a trackpad. Again it’s not like that is an upgrade, and you could argue that it gives the impression that Apple is ahead of the game. Apple has blown away everything Samsung and Google have had in tablet technology in recent years. The camera is the same as the iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, so there is no camera. It’s fairly limited and also has some drawbacks – it’s slightly smaller and less powerful than its predecessor, the iPad Air 2. But even that’s not how Apple was in this game before.

You can say that 2020 was a mixed bag. Small companies grew out of nowhere, and large companies, such as Apple, didn’t make huge strides in tech. Let’s look forward to the new year and see what incredible things come out of this fresh new start.


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