Microsoft Reportedly In ‘Exclusive’ Talks To Acquire Discord

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  • Microsoft Reportedly In ‘Exclusive’ Talks To Acquire Discord

When it comes to communications apps, Microsoft is no stranger to that space. The company has attempted its own messenger platforms like Skype and Teams, but recently we heard that the Redmond tech giant could be interested in acquiring a new communications platform in the form of Discord.

However, back then it was suggested that the talks weren’t necessarily in the advanced stages and that Discord could still be interested in going public rather than be acquired, but a new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests otherwise. The latest report claims that Microsoft is apparently in “exclusive” talks with Discord and that things have advanced far enough where a deal could be made as soon as next month.

It is still possible that the deal could be ultimately cancelled or dropped for whatever reason, and Discord could still choose to go the public route rather than be acquired, so it isn’t necessarily a done deal just yet. Acquiring Discord could be a huge boon for Microsoft as the platform has become increasingly popular not just amongst gamers, but for people who want to create their own communities.

We have also seen how some smaller companies have used Discord as a way to communicate with customers where they can share product announcements and interact directly with customers, as well as have customers interact with each other.

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