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Android games are now one of the most sought after games and are also sought after by online game lovers, and are now a site that is currently the most favored game in the world. Until more is played in comparison with the PC games themselves. Because of the advantages that can be obtained if we do a game in a game, of course, many are seen in a current game called Bandarq Online games that are already very well known or in some circles.

Nearly 90% of these card games are the most popular to play and also besides the many advantages of playing games on Android. But what the admin wants to discuss is the list of the most popular games because, with this list of games, players can choose other very popular games and also play card games like online bandarq, of course, which will become even more interesting games to be able to can play these games.

List of popular android games installed in 2020

An Android game that is currently the most popular to be played is a very appropriate choice to do a game that is currently very much sought after and also in the hunt by the most popular game lovers. In playing Android games, there are a row of games that are currently downloaded and played the most, of course, and are currently the top games in Android Playstore because of the many games that download in these popular games. It gives lots of advantages in playing popular games to be able to make a game that can be installed, of course, with the advantages in each of the different games.

Mobile Legends

Moba games are the best-selling games now that you might have heard the name of DOTA 2 PC Games. This is the exact same game as Dota games, a 5 vs 5 games with the requirement that the team win the game be able to destroy the tower main. Because of that the team survived and destroyed enemy towers as fast as possible. In this game using a very strong strategy for data can do a very interesting game and win the game. In the legendary mobile game itself, there is a world championship tournament. Up to $ 1 million in prizes. And has become the best-selling game in Indonesia to date. For mobile legend itself, there are heroes who have their respective strengths. In this legendary mobile game itself, there are 5 very powerful heroes like Marksman, Mage, Suppor, Assassin, and also tanks. All of these hero categories can be selected based on what we want to play in this game.


Games that have this type of war may be many who think of being followers of Counter Pkv Games. Which is very popular on the PC but the difference is in this game if you die you cannot turn it back on or lose. These games are usually played solo or in groups and in each game up to 100 players. And the victory is whoever is the greatest; he who survives will be the winner. In this program all participants will board 1 aircraft and can choose to free fall anywhere, but the longer the time will decrease. And all players will meet to fight and who lives, in the end, he will be the winner. In this hero, a lot of strategies that can be used such as hiding and waiting are the most important things in this game because playing this game would be very interesting.

Of course, these 2 games are currently the most popular games to play besides online bookies. Because by playing popular games we certainly don’t need to struggle in finding enemies because there are already many people playing in this game. So what else can I download and play the games that are currently the most popular to be played into a game that is very interesting to be able to find a game that is becoming very popular and in the future I will also make an article about popular offline android games and be a game for economical quota.


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