Ligon U – The Digital Distance Training Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

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Ligon U – The Digital Distance Training Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

The Ligon Brothers Created the Number One Online Center for Real Estate Investing Programs.

Technology is advancing at an expediential rate. We live in an age where any question you have can potentially be answered by a simple internet search. With access to this much information, how do we know what is fact and what is fiction? The Ligon Brothers (Michael & David Ligon) were faced with this very same question during a real estate seminar, by an investor trainee.  The answer is simple; trust and authority. In order to know that the information you are getting is accurate, it needs to come from a trusted source and an authority on the topic. Let’s take real estate for instance. The Ligon Brothers have trusted authorities on real estate investing and they have helped hundreds of people begin their investing careers. Normally they teach their programs in a group setting like an event or a seminar, but when the covid pandemic struck, that all changed. They needed a new way to deliver their award-winning coaching programs to interested real estate professionals. This dilemma gave birth to Ligon U.

Ligon U – Digital Learning Center

Ligon U was originally an in-house training program the Ligon Brothers used to train their employees on their systems, tactics, and techniques. Every new hire would log in and train in order to catch up to the rest of the staff. The system worked so well that they began getting requests from people to access the information from home or on days off so they could learn more about real estate investing.

They recreated Ligon U as an online digital learning center with real estate-related courses and programs. Now anyone from anywhere can learn how to invest in real estate using this online distance learning center. They took all of the information that they used to build a real estate empire and broke it down into two main programs that they created. The first is a method invented by the Ligon Brothers that allows anyone regardless of credit or experience to begin investing, called LYNK Wholesaling. The second is an Investor scaling program that uses listed properties as wholesale inventory called The MLS Digital Flipping Method. Now anyone from anywhere can access this information 24/7 on a secure log-in-based learning platform.

The creation of Ligon U has allowed thousands of real estate entrepreneurs to be able to learn how to properly invest in real estate from a trusted authority in real estate investing – The Ligon Brothers.

About the Creators of Ligon U

David and Michael Ligon are known as the Ligon Brothers. The Ligon Brothers are Award-Winning real estate coaches, real estate investors, wealth creation specialists, and published authors. They are the creators of LYNK Wholesaling, the MLS Digital Flipping Method, and Ligon U. They’ve also authored the books: LYNK Wholesaling; the Real Estate Connector Method & Wolf Secrets; a guide to mastering any negotiation in any industry. They are celebrated members of the Forbes Business Council and Expert Panelist and contributors to Entrepreneur Magazine.  To find out more about the Ligon Brothers visit them online and follow them on social media @LigonBrothers


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