How to save money when buying a laptop?

Nowadays, along with the development of the digital era, a laptop has become an essential technological item in our life. The price of a laptop is quite expensive and it can be a bank-breaker. Luckily, there are a few ways to save money on laptop purchases. If you’re wondering how you can grab a laptop that suits you without overspending, here are some saving tips for you.

1. Hunt for discounts, sale at the right time

Hunting for discounts and promotions is a great saving solution when buying a laptop. The promotions are often reduced by 10% to 30% or sometimes down to a half compared to the listed price. As a result, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Moreover, you should choose the right time to hunt for discounts. Shopping at the right time of year could save you quite a bit of money as well. Back-to-school season, Black Friday Deals, Year-end Sale, Christmas… are the best time to buy a cheap laptop. These days, retailers offer the deepest discounts for customers. Shoppers can buy high-quality laptops with the best bargain. Besides, when a manufacturer has announced a new model, the laptop with an old model could drop significantly in price around these times. You should take advantage of these chances of saving.

Using a deal-tracking website like CouponUpto or CouponXoo will help you find laptops that are on sale, too. A quick look at CouponUpto today shows you the best tech deals, reviews about products, saving tips,…

2. Decide on the type of laptop you need

This is an important step to help you choose a suitable laptop as well as save money. This means you need to know exactly what you need when using a laptop.

If your laptop is only for studying, listening to music, and there is no need to play games or run advanced software, you do not need to invest a more powerful graphics card for it. Besides, different types of laptops often have different levels of price. So choose the best laptop suitable for your finance and meet your needs. 

3. Skip the features you don’t need

Today, laptops are often equipped with many advanced technologies, smart features such as discrete graphics, SSDs, or keyboards with LED backlight. Along with these functions is the amount you have to pay much higher. So it’s important to decide which features are required and which ones aren’t.

If your job requires edit videos, photos, you should choose laptops equipped with a more powerful graphics card. Complicated programs normally require a laptop with more RAM and CPU power. And if you need a laptop for a traveling trip, you should consider buying a laptop with a larger battery, less power consumption.

Meanwhile, if you need to have large data storage, 1-2TB large hard drive is an appropriate choice. Furthermore, pay attention to the resolution of a display. 1080p is a great starting choice for most people. If you just a laptop for work in the office, listen to music, watch movies, it is best not to spend money on advanced features.

4. Buy a refurbished laptop

One of the best ways to save money is to buy refurbished laptops. This means that you can buy an old laptop that has been upgraded and repaired properly. The price of refurbished laptops is always less than their brand-new counterparts. So you can still buy good products and save hundreds of dollars.

But with any certified refurbished computer, you’re receiving a model that’s very close to as good as a new laptop. In addition, refurbished laptops usually come with a warranty.

5. Use an affiliate bank card

There are many electronics supermarkets and shops that encourage customers to pay with the bank card they link to for a discount when buying an item. You can also apply this technique to be able to save the maximum amount of money you spend. Normally, you can save 10% off on your orders.

6. Buy a laptop online

There is no doubt that buying a laptop online helps you save a lot of money. The price of laptops at online stores is always cheaper than the same items at the supermarket. Today, along with the development of e-commerce sites, you can buy a good laptop at the best price easily and quickly. Plus, you also save money on travel costs.

In addition, when you buy online, you can hunt for attractive coupons on online coupon sites for saving. Companies often offer more promotions at online stores.

Moreover, when you buy laptops online, you have time to choose the best products. Plus, just make a search about price, you can compare the price between stores. Then select the best store with the best bargain price.


The above are some ways to minimize the cost of laptop purchase. Keep these saving tips in your mind when you’re shopping for a laptop and you could surely save hundreds of dollars.


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