How to Maintain Air Conditioner in better Condition

It’s significant to maintain your air conditioner to make it’s quality good and beautiful in your room. Normally, home air conditioners fitted with filters inside to help catch microbes and dirt, etc., but if you don’t clean it on a regular basis they can gather dust and moisture and maybe do blocking, which is not a good response for you.

Cleaning air conditioner daily will help to lower the running costs as well as better energy efficiency. Here in this guide, I’ll mention some key points that will help you to maintain the air conditioner in your house by cleaning them.

Check the instructions before cleaning Air Conditioner

All type of local and branded air conditioners comes with an instruction manual that shows the entire info including the access and manually cleaning method. If your conditioner has manual instructions then try to read it carefully and take step by step cleaning of air filters as well as other parts. On the other hand, if there is no instruction guide you can search it on your internet and simply download a copy from the company site.

NOTE: Ensure you hang off the conditioner from the wall before doing any cleaning.

How to clean filters & other parts

The split air conditioner unit arrives with two different parts: one is called outdoor and another one indoor. The indoor unit has filters in it that catch the dust, and after blocked the filter by dust the air conditioner work harder to push the cool air outside. You need to clean that filters daily, just open the indoor cover and remove the filter and clean it.

You can also clean these filters every week or sometimes after a few weeks (depending on your location and how frequently you use it).

Generally, some of them have one filter while some have more than one filter in the unit. Also, some advanced models of air conditioners come with a filter for purification that can automatically be cleaned and removed from the dust, etc. This kind of filter will eventually require to be changed after one or two working years.

You should also need to clean the outdoor unit of your split air conditioner. Keep the outdoor unit clean with a brush to avoid leaves, dirt, and cobwebs, etc.

Try to professionally service your air conditioner

You should need to service your air conditioner professionally even every month – check the whole system including the level of gas, test the thermostat and ensure that all the internal parts are working fine and are in better condition. Cleaning and servicing will keep the conditioner running for plenty of years.

Some companies suggest the unit should be cleaned yearly. Some manufacturers recommend that as long as you follow the guides and clean the air conditioner on a daily basis make the unit in better condition.

You can hire professionals

When the condition of your split unit is very bad then you can hire a professional for them that can do maintenance of your air conditioner on a weekly or regular basis. A well-known and expert technician will easily locate and fix the issues in the system.

Tips to save energy

Always buy a branded air conditioner: Branded and certified air conditioners have a higher ration of energy that will assist to reduce the consumption of the energy all over the summer season. Upgrade the thermostat for your home: Upgrading the thermostat of your home can assist you to have additional control over both your energy bill and temperature


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