Federal Appeals in 2020 – What to expect

Federal appeals are one of the most complicated subjects to understand when it comes to criminal law. This is because the system was designed to be closed off from defendants, their attorneys, and pretty much anything that is public. This makes it incredibly difficult to navigate these legal waters without experienced representation. There are a few things you should know if you’re facing a federal appeal case.

Federal Criminal Appeals are painfully slow.

This may be one of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with a federal appeal. The appellate courts are overwhelmed and due to this, it can take months if not over a year to gain any traction on your appeal.

Most appeals are resolved by their brief

The brief is a document submitted to the court by the appellant which raises the arguments for the appeal. This is a statement of facts and followed by an argument of the legal errors that are being questioned. Considering over 70% of cases are resolved by this single document, it’s extremely important that you focus on getting this right from the start.

Federal Appeal is NOT a retrial of facts

This is one of the most common misunderstandings when it comes to appeals in general. An appeal is a basis of legal errors that happened during the original trial. This is not an opportunity to bring in new facts or dispute the original facts. Considering how difficult it is to raise an appeal since most attorneys, judges, and prosecutors are very familiar with this landscape, it can be quite difficult to successfully win an appeal. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have a case. Humans are prone to error, especially when they are overly confident in a specific outcome.

Appeals can be very expensive

Considering appeals are a long, drawn-out process, it’s not surprising that legal fees can become extremely excessive. In some situations, the appeal process can be straightforward and handled quickly. This all depends on the dynamics of your case. In other situations, such as when your case is heard orally, the process can require a lot of legal counseling and extensive representation, which ultimately leads to extensive legal fees. Hiring a competent appeal attorney will make all of the difference, as the more experienced they are, the more likely they are able to get through the appeal process in the fastest possible manner, avoiding unnecessary wasted time and ultimately reducing the legal costs to fit your budget.

Who to turn to?

Considering the above points, it’s clear that choosing the best federal appeals attorney is extremely vital. The best thing you can do is research your available options and choose someone that you can evaluate their performance. Most reputable law firms will be talked about in online public forums and reviews sites. It’s vital to investigate to see what experience other people have had with a firm. This will prevent you from making an otherwise very costly mistake.

There you have it! With this information, hopefully, you understand some of the nuances of dealing with a federal appeal case and can now find one of the best federal appeal lawyers to handle your case.


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