How to buy Bitcoin with Zelle Pay

Nowadays everybody knows what Bitcoin is – that mysterious currency that is backed by speculation and hype. One thing about Bitcoin though is the fact that it hasn’t evolved much over the years. One could argue that this is a good thing, however, when it comes to utilizing crypto, the one thing that has always been a hurdle is the ability to be used in an everyday scenario.

There’s been plenty of tools that have come out over the past few years to try to tackle this issue, but most of them have fallen flat on their faces. Bitcoin ATMs are about the closest thing to an actual public interface for interacting with the blockchain. Different debit card suppliers have also come along to help make the spending issue of Bitcoin more transparent. While all of these have been somewhat useful in the adoption of everyday use, they still don’t quite hit the spot.

Introducing Zelle Pay. Most of you out there are familiar with Zelle since its one the most popular ways of transferring money. But now something even more impressive has happened, you can easily buy Bitcoin using Zelle Pay. Paxful is one such company that makes this process as simple as possible. So if you want to know how to buy Bitcoin with Zelle Pay, this would be the most effective way.

One of our favorite features of using Zelle to buy Bitcoin is the fact that the process is extremely straightforward and fast. You won’t have to be waiting days to receive your bitcoin since Zelle is a near-real time method for sending money. This makes investing in Bitcoin even easier than ever. So what are you waiting for? In these crazy economic times, investing in Bitcoin may be one of the safest options available.


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