How hackers attack cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing has just become the other vector for cyber attackers. In essence, cloud computing provides a diverse source of computing resources on the internet at a little cost. Cloud computing has hence enhanced the efficiency of using the internet at sustainable prices.

However, even though cloud computing poses advantages compared to other on-site models, the susceptibility to outside attacks is on the high end. It is, therefore, prudent for cloud developers to take adequate measures to protect their client’s sensitive information to potential attackers. Almost everyone is moving everything to the cloud to cut down cost, hackers have learned this and they are trying, day in, day out to find loopholes and make cloud infrastructure there breeding ground. There are many techniques that they use to do this, let take a look at them;


There is a growing use of blockchain technology in most financial institutions that use cloud infrastructures to do their transactions. Bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies are being used to make it possible for this to happen. This has created a need for hackers to come up with new ways of attacking financial institutions that are using cryptocurrencies to do business.  This is what is being referred to as Cryptojacking. It is a technique that is very tricky and hard to deal with, one can confuse at attack with a slow internet connection. For hackers to attack processes of mining cryptocurrencies like Ether, they need to access cloud computing systems and then use their skills to manipulate the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Insecure APIs

APIs are becoming a hacker’s soft target and are a threat to cloud security due to their nature. Hackers know how vulnerable application programming interfaces (APIs) are to cyberattacks, therefore, they use social engineering attacking tools like phishing, malware, and many others to open loopholes and try to penetrate to use cloud services.

Some cloud application presents many threats to cloud infrastructures as they are downloaded and installed without thinking of security threats they expose cloud infrastructures to. There is a need to think about which applications should be put into the cloud.

Account hijacking

This is one of the challenging issues that cloud computing technology is dealing with. Hackers are constantly attacking cloud accounts by using malware to get credentials, username, and passwords to access accounts.

Phishing techniques and passwords cracking are being used to access cloud accounts. Many cloud accounts are not secure from phishing emails that when opened can install malicious software that can take credentials.

Cloud service providers need to be alert and enact existing encryption technologies that will ensure cloud computing technologies are protected. The most crucial information, in this case, is the user’s essential data that should be protected at all costs. All cloud-based solutions should, therefore, be linked with the right protection measures before being sold to clients. Any individual will be interested in a cloud solution that will enhance the security of their data, especially the most sensitive information to them.

To enhance, there is high-level protection for organizations; security experts ought to know of the changing times. Criminals are becoming wittier in intercepting cloud solutions, prompting innovative security measures. Cloud solution providers, therefore, ought to carry out regular security assessments for their technologies before providing them to clients.


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