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Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, and now that 2021 is here, there seems to be no end to just how powerful crypto really is. Bitcoin, which started in 2009, led the way into what is now one of the most in-demand fields in the world. Bitcoin paved the way for what we know now as Blockchain Technology, which set the standards for most of the cryptocurrencies that exist today.

Before we get into Geliyoo, let’s have a primer on what the Blockchain really is. The purpose of cryptocurrencies is to provide a public ledger, a log of the transfer of funds if you will, which is distributed all over the internet. This distribution of the ledger prevents any single point to have any full authority over the transactions. The beauty of this is the fact that it cannot be regulated by any single party and cannot be stopped without literally shutting the internet off around the world. Since we know that bringing the internet down is out of the question, it seems fair to say that Bitcoin, along with all crypto that has been produced to this day, is here to stay.

When Bitcoin was first invented, many people could not understand the value of such a system. Many people claimed it was “fake” money or worthless since it was not backed up by anything except speculation. Well, today we can see just how powerful speculation can really be. Bitcoin, along with most cryptocurrencies that exist, has continued to gain in value faster than anything on the planet.

Bitcoin, along with many derivatives of cryptocurrencies, has been adopted all over the world. China, for instance, is well-known for being the country with the largest operations in Bitcoin mining. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and in situations like China, their government was quick to come along and put many types of limitations on Bitcoin and crypto in general. Communism doesn’t seem to have a place for a currency that any one country cannot control, which is exactly why ordinary people appreciate the value of it so much.

Along comes Geliyoo, an international company that specializes in internet-related products such as crypto. They have many products, such as News, Search, and even a browser. The latest to their arsenal, however, is XTR, a revolutionary cryptocurrency that has been the first crypto designed inside of a crypto exchange in Turkey.

Xtremecoin is their crypto exchange that was launched in 2017, providing access to many coins, but most importantly, XTR. Geliyoo has now become an award-winning company due to its advancements in crypto and internet-related products and provides some of the most fundamental tools in regards to the internet to the country of Turkey.

We’ll keep our eye on Geliyoo as this company continues to blossom into a powerhouse of tech products and internet services. It is nice to see Turkey having such a powerful ally in the crypto industry and to see them join the rest of the world on the voyage of decentralized currency.


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