E-Commerce SEO – History and How To Succeed

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been around since the dawn of search engines. Once upon a time, you could easily rank your pages on engines such as Yahoo and Altavista by simply cramming in as many keywords as possible to outrank other pages based on keyword density. As you can imagine, this sort of algorithm was easy to abuse and created an awful experience while browsing websites, since the primary focus of a website at the time was just to embed more keywords than their competitors. Content at the time was not the main focus, since it really didn’t affect the ranking of a website or page.

Fast forward a few years and search engines started to get a little smarter. Now, instead of relying on simple things such as keyword density, search engines started to use other factors such as inbound links. Sending links from another site to your own site would create an “importance” factor. As you can imagine, this was yet another easily abused factor, which created a lot of spam web links to rank a website. Was search engine optimization a dying concept?

The solution came along through the use of AI technology to filter out the spam and also to analyze the content of the site to determine the relevancy of the content so it could be matched to the search query. However, this created a difficult playing field for e-commerce sites, since the content has become so important, and since the primary role of e-commerce is to sell products or services, has made it a requirement for e-commerce to evolve to create a more relevant experience for their visitors, such as to provide useful information and articles detailing more than just their product showcase. This new trend in e-commerce has changed the SEO landscape in a massive way, making optimization much more difficult, and with the constantly changing algorithms of the major search engines, it was no longer a simple feat to get your e-commerce website ranked.

Nowadays, it takes a professional approach to get your website ranked above the competition. While the basic concepts of SEO still exist, they are much more complicated to deal with for the layman, and for this reason, it’s necessary to hire a professional e-commerce SEO agency to handle all of the burden-laden details of getting your website properly ranked… and it doesn’t stop there.

To get the most effective ROI on your marketing efforts, most companies turn to PPC advertising, considering how difficult it is to rank for keywords on Google these days. However, even with paid advertising, SEO is still important. Search engines still use your relevancy when it comes to ad placement – and with a bad relevancy score, you’ll be paying more for the same ad space as your competitors. For this reason, you’ll need proper e-commerce PPC management, which will maximize your marketing campaigns to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

SEO is a tricky business and requires constantly keeping up with every change that happens behind the iron curtains. Hiring the proper agency to handle these nuances is not only helpful, but it’s also practically detrimental if you want to make your online business at all relevant.


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