DNS-Layer Security is the Protection your Business needs in 2020

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  • DNS-Layer Security is the Protection your Business needs in 2020

DNS (Domain Name System) servers have been around since the dawn of the internet and are one of the most fundamental elements when it comes to browsing the net. Domain name resolution is the process in which a website address is converted to an IP address. It is basically a digital Rolodex that matches names to numbers. If it were not for a DNS server, you would be visiting websites by typing in the IP address, which is much like an internet “phone number”. Considering the fact that the DNS server is so fundamental and core to the internet, it also provides an opportunity to be the best line of defense when it comes to malware defense and content filtering for internet sites. In fact, protection at the DNS level is extremely practical, making it simple to integrate and extremely effective for both business and at home.

When it comes to your business network, it’s possible that you’re using an internal DNS server if you’re in the enterprise environment. This server is likely insecure and very basic, calling upon another public DNS server to resolve and then storing the address locally. The issue with this is the fact that you’re not able to do any content filtering or protection against malware, as this system is commonplace and not very complex. Furthermore, it’s yet another point of failure which can be attacked by hackers who can edit your local DNS entries to cause anybody on your network to end up at a site that they weren’t expecting, which could be used for all sorts of nefarious things, such as phishing for passwords, credit card numbers or other personal information, or could even be used to install malware on the visitor’s PC.

DNS layer security solves these issues by providing a line of defense that is at a very fundamental level of the internet. Using DNS layer protection allows advanced security measures, such as preventing “Convert DNS Tunneling” attacks and advanced rebinding attacks. So now that we have a fundamental understanding of what DNS is and how DNS layer security can benefit your company, the next question is: How can you implement this type of protection? Luckily, we already have the best solution.

ScoutDNS [www.scoutdns.com] is the most advanced DNS layer protection service available. With their advanced content filtering and malware protection, you can rest assured that your network is secured from any malicious websites. ScoutDNS stands above the crowd due to their proprietary defense layer which was built from the ground up. Their service is simple to integrate and best of all, they have a 14-day trial to get your network secured without having to pay a single penny upfront.

Whether your business is small or large, protecting your local network is one of the most fundamental things that may be easily overlooked. Network admins rely on all sorts of different tools to maintain an intranet. ScoutDNS is, in our opinion, one of the most important and easy to integrate solutions that will provide a lasting line of defense in ways that no other solution could possibly handle, especially in such an elegant way.


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