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Perhaps the first and the biggest misconception that surrounds the work of transcription is the notion that it’s merely typing. Many believe that it only includes listening to a particular audio file and typing the exact words from the file into a document. The notion also supports the fact that there is very little processing or mental acuity involved in this process. But if you ask this to any professional they only tell you, “I wish it was that easy!” As a matter of fact, there’s a lot more to it and  this is exactly what we’ll be addressing in this post. Below, I will debunk these common myths about the online transcription services and will also tell you about some myths and facts about the automated transcription service. So, let’s start unraveling the truth!

Some Most Common Myths About Online Transcription Services

1. Most of the audio files are often sharp and readily transcribed:

This is a great myth as most audio files are rarely in an ideal state. Most transcriptionists really struggle with issues such as the quality of the recorder itself. There can be background noise, accents, mumbling or even multiple speakers talking over one another. There are several other complicating factors. This is why only an experienced professional can do the job perfectly by spending hours with the transcription and deciphering the actual message.

2. Professionals can easily distinguish between different speakers:

Absolutely not! This is very hard to imagine even for any non-professional who has never undergone this process. Transcribing an audio clip where multiple speakers are conversing with different accents is very difficult to distinguish. This is all the more difficult because their voices are electronically recorded and often unfamiliar to the transcriber. Even the slightest interference can cause a lot of trouble.

3. One Doesn’t Need To Concentrate Too Much!

The truth is, it requires a lot of concentration and undivided attention to complete one single project. One has to spend hours on it. This requires attentively listening, hearing, deciphering, and accurately converting language from one medium to another. At the same time, the transcriptionist has to think and type the right word to use in a given context.

4. The Time For Transcription Is Same As  The length of The Audio:

This is a great misconception as the time to transcribe a particular piece is always greater than the audio itself. One has to stop, review, proof-read and even Google search certain things to make the end result perfect. This is much more difficult than just recording the audio. If the quality of the audio is poor or the transcriptionist is inexperienced then things can be more difficult.

5. A Transcriptionist Just Needs To Hear The Recording Once!

The truth is that he might just spend half of his time only re-hearing the same thing over and over again. If the quality is poor then the situation can become even worse. More and more complications will be there.

6. Proofreading is fast and simple:

This is one of the most blatant misconceptions regarding this service. While proof-reading the professional faces the same type of problems and same difficulties just like transcriptionists. The sound quality matters the most in this case. Being the last set of eyes and final pair of ears, the proof-reader will rewind the audio several times to make it perfect.

7. Formatting The Document is Quite Straight-forward:

This is not the case at all as different service providers use different standard document formats as the clients’ requirements vary. Medical and legal transcriptions follow an entirely different format that some other service providers use quite complex with numbering systems, line breaks, headers and footers and what not.

Now, let’s look at some of the misconceptions about automated transcripts!

Myth 1: Automated Audio-to-text converters can complete the transcription in seconds:

This is a great misconception about automated transcripts. The truth is that they cannot complete the task within seconds. It varies on several aspects like the size of the audio, upload speed and other facts. Now, in some cases the automated transcription can be a bit faster than the human professionals.

Myth 2: Automated transcription can be as accurate as human transcriptions:

The fact is even after the decrease of error rates, the automated transcription is only 90% accurate in most cases. Then again it depends on the quality of the audio as well. They also face certain challenges with transcribing the difficult terms and scientific terms. Whereas, in this case the human error rate is only 4%. Also, the human speaker can be more customized and can even discern the most difficult of words.

Myth 3: The Automated converters can distinguish speakers and include punctuation:

The fact is, unlike human transcriptionists, almost no automated transcription engines can understand and include all the necessary punctuations. They fail to understand the difference in accents and the different pitch in the speech is a challenge for them.

They cannot even automatically identify the number of speakers unlike the human expert can. Thus, to get the best result one has to consult a human expert.

Myth 4: Automated transcription is the most secure transcription method:

The data privacy concern is definitely an issue for the client. Hence, the data privacy and security aspect is justifiably focused. But deeming the automated transcription system as the safest is not always right as most of  them are not hosted securely online. One has to take a lot of  security measures before implementing the software for the work. On the other hand, the reliability of the human expert can be reassuring as they are professionals and they can understand the gravity of the situation and the importance of the data.

What Else?

So what do you think now? After reading the above discussion what is your view on the transcription service? These myths often create huge misconceptions in the field of transcription services whereas this is a process that requires intense concentration and hard-work.

With automated transcription services on the rise, we must realize the perks of using human expertise as the data clearly shows which ones can be most reliable.

Almost all the online transcription service providers host experts who can help you with the best possible results that a pre-programmed software can never achieve. This is a field where human expertise still triumphs over automation.

Should you have any other queries regarding this topic feel free to mention them in the space below and we’ll be addressing them to the best of our knowledge.


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