5 ways to improve your Google organic click-through rate (and why you should care)

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  • 5 ways to improve your Google organic click-through rate (and why you should care)

Organic click-through rate (CTR) is a calculated metric that tells you how many people clicked through to your website, out of the total number of people who saw your Google listing. In other words, it is a measure of how well you’re converting search results to actual visits to your site.
 There is no point in ranking highly on Google search if no one clicks on your website link. Investing in click-through rate optimization as part of your SEO strategy can bring high returns-on-investment.
Even more importantly, CTR and search rankings are intimately connected. A high CTR will help you improve your ranking overall, as Google rewards and elevates sites with higher CTR. The more people who check out your site, the more your search rankings will likely improve, this could be the difference between position 2 and 1 plus a whole lot of leads or sales.
Here are 5 top ways to improve your click-through rate aka CTR: 
Ensure your title stands out
Your page title is the most prominent part of how you show up on search results. Therefore, your title needs to be as effective as possible at catching the attention of your target audience. Here are some tips for how to make your title stand out:
Appeal to emotions – titles that are focused on emotions rather than just keyword-heavy are often better at motivating people to click. For example, “jaw-dropping strategies to…”, instead of “effective strategies to…”
Try out different titles – brainstorm at least 10 different titles and see which one works best.
Use a numbered list – list posts such as “top-10 ways to…” get lots of attention because people love information in an easily digestible form.
Sweat the details – appearances matter, and proper formatting that looks good in the listings are more likely to get clicks.
Keep testing – test different titles and track the CTR through tools like Google Search Console. Sometimes just a single word can make a huge difference to the CTR, so keep testing!

Write effective meta descriptions
A meta description is the short snippet of text that appears under the result title and link. It’s an important piece of SEO real estate that tells people what your content is. Here are some tips for nailing your meta-description and improving CTR:
Make it unique – make sure you have a customized meta-description for each page, that matches the content of the page. This will help Google pick up keywords that match the search query.
Make it actionable – use active voice and address your audience directly, to motivate them to act. For example, “Achieve a modern look in your home by using our top 10 decorating tips.” Don’t forget to include a clear call to action, such as “Call us today”.
Use keywords or phrases – these are the search terms that you want the page to rank with. The best way to get the right words or phrases is to do keyword research, which helps you to understand what your audience is most likely to search for.
And lastly, make sure you keep the meta description at the right length, so that it displays properly and doesn’t get cut off in the search results.

Use emojis
Did you know that you can add emojis to your metadata? For example, “🐱organic cat food” in your meta description. Not many people know about this little creative hack, using emojis can help you to stand out from all of the other Google search results and reach your target audience.
We know that millennials love emojis, but it’s not just millennials. As far back as 2015, Adweek found that 92% of the world’s online consumers use emojis. Therefore the appeal of seeing emojis in search results is huge.
Turns out that lots of businesses are already using emojis to connect with their consumers, by speaking their language. As more and more consumers perform searches on their mobiles rather than desktops, emojis are becoming even more important. Our experience with past SEO campaigns shows that using emojis can increase CTR by as much as 200%!
By using emojis in your site metadata, you can significantly increase your CTR. Of course, emojis have to be used correctly to add value plus Google will only allow them if relevant to your content – they are pretty strict on this so it can take trial and error, as Google is all about improving the relevance of search research for its users.
Plus, results aside, emojis are fun! What’s not to love? 🤩

Compare against your competition
If you’ve tried to improve your CTR before and failed, try looking at what others are doing differently and learn from your competition. Do they have better titles? Better keywords? Better URLs? Better meta descriptions? Keep testing and check your process. Use Google Search Console to track your process and see whether your changes have improved your CTR.

Get your listing to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)
The higher your position on the search page, the more people will see it, and the more potential visitors who will click on your listing. To achieve a good ranking, you need to get the fundamentals right, including perfecting your search keywords, on-page SEO and backlinks strategy. You’ll also need to make sure that your website is both desktop and mobile-friendly. Optimizing your site speed also does wonders.

For help with improving your CTR or to learn more about our SEO services, contact us here.

This article was brought to you courtesy of https://www.phoenixagency.com.au, the Phoenix SEO agency!


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