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What is ‘W88 Casino’?

Casino W88 is a cheesy but not so inappropriate term used to call it a ‘technique’ of a usurping free casino bonus. The idea is that a casino incentive that offers a guaranteed benefit of some estimated sum can be found with a ‘Scientific’ – some arithmetic and probability calculations.

This principle allows the practitioners to play an online casino with a promising bonus and receive a profit of about the measured value and then move on to another casino that provides the same promise without any loss. You are going to play at a casino until you know that a future profit has been invested, then jump on another casino to repeat the process. That’s the word.

Bonuses for Casino:

Even though several different forms of casino bonuses exist, Casino W88 is primarily aimed at first deposit bonuses and second deposit bonuses, etc. for new players. The first time members enter the websites this form of bonus is issued. It usually comes in a certain amount, up to a certain limit, of the amount of the deposits. For instance. 200% up to 200 dollars of first deposit.

Bonuses for deposits come with a wagering condition (WR). This provision limits the removal of bonus wins before the bonus amount has been wagered or played at certain times. For eg, 20xB WR means the total gross bet must be wagered at least 20 times over. If the bonus is 200$, the WR will equate to 4,000$ in this case.

Casino W88’s technique:

The ‘payout percentages’ are the most important element to determine the winning chances of a casino game. These are the probabilities that the machines are providing in a whole play loop (gaming program in case of online casinos). The slot payout rate is 96.5%, meaning that a total of 96.5% of all wagers will be re-won for that particular game, while the casino will hold 3.5% in the loop. Payout amounts vary depending on the online casino, gaming software and game type.

Online casinos are very likely to win because of the option of games. In general, the payout percentage is higher than slots for table games like blackjack, roulette and poker. So the first thing a Casino W88 expert can do is to find out if the conditions for the bonus allow better odds games. While many online casinos of small to medium size do not allow games other than slots to earn bonus play, some of these are larger.

The golden formula of science:

The casino provides a 200% incentive up to a limit of 200% of first deposit. 20xB for WR. Play with a 97 percent payout(PP) is allowed with Blackjack. Make a cumulative bonus deposit of $100.

The estimate:

Expenditure amount: $100

Cash earned for play: $100 + $200 = $300. Play available account:

Complete bet (WR)= 200 x 20 = $4000 Requested

The House Edge: 100% – 97% of PP = 3%.

Losses: $4000 = $120.00 3 percent.

Cash balance after WR: 300 – 120 = $180 Cash balance.

Net income: 180 – 100 = 80 dollars.

Is W88 Casino stupid?

The estimate is based on the exact percentage of the compensation and the whole payout period. This is not always the case in fact. When you look at the payout percentage, it not only varies in casinos and sports, but also differs over a period of time from data from independent online gaming regulations like eCogra etc. The number of players playing the specific game during that time depends on a payout period to be completed. In brief, there are a variety of variables which can affect the chances. The strategy cannot therefore be seen as dumb.

However, there is a substantial reduction in the risk of losing cash. Whenever allowed, a cautious player may withdraw before losing too much money deposited. And the promise of benefit with casino W88 is fantastic, at least in principle, for a lucky player combined with a detailed calculation of probabilities. And there are people who say that this approach is useful to them.


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