Tiketi Revolutionizes the Travel Industry Thanks to Digitalization

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  • Tiketi Revolutionizes the Travel Industry Thanks to Digitalization

Tiketi online travel agency helps business people and holidaymakers to have convenient, affordable and satisfactory travel experience in a variety of destinations throughout Africa and the Middle East. The company has chosen to take advantage of digitalization to satisfy the needs of the modern world.

The successful implementation of digitalization in the travel industry requires changing the old consumer model into a hosting and engagement model, which looks more like management rather than marketing. This is possible via social media and mobile platforms where communication between the customers and the businesses is successfully built.

Following this strategy, Tiketi has built an online travel marketplace where customers meet the travel service providers and consider their attractive offers. These offers are published on other popular travel websites and platforms as well to boosts the brand awareness.

This way, thanks to the digitalization, Tiketi not only helps travel companies to grow and people to save their much precious time and money by choosing cheap flights, amazing holiday packages and attraction & event tickets from Tiketi App or website.

Tiketi has made the communication with the customers their first priority. Those, who are planning to visit any destination on Middle East or Africa, can find in Tiketi a trusted partner that can find the best offer for them based on the specified preferences. This online company makes the required research and compares all the available offers to choose the best one.

Tiketi offers SSL-secured checkout, which protects customer’s personal account information and guarantees 100% secure transitions. The customers do not have to pay commission or transition fees nor any hidden fees. The company’s goal is to make all the travelers who have chosen Tiketi happy.

About Tiketi:

Tiketi is an online travel platform where the customers can book affordable flights, tours, holiday package, activities and soon even ride-hailing services to destinations in Africa and Middle East. Their mobile app helps people stay up to date with the most recent offers and take advantage of them right away.


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