Google Fi Temporarily Increases Data Cap For All Users

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  • Google Fi Temporarily Increases Data Cap For All Users

To help people stay connected during this time of crisis, Google has announced that they will be temporarily increasing the data cap for its customers using its Google Fi service. The new data cap will now set at 30GB which is essentially double what Google Fi typically offers, and this will be applicable to all customers.

As it stands, Google Fi has a couple of different plans for users. One is the Google Fi Flexible plan that offers 15GB of data. Once users hit that cap, their speeds will be slowed. Then there is also the Google Fi Unlimited plan, which in reality is capped at 22GB of data before they are also slowed down once they hit their limit.

With Google increasing the data cap for its customers, those on the Flexible plan will get double, whilst those on the Unlimited plan get an extra 8GB, which we suppose isn’t too shabby considering that it is free. Google notes that data caps still apply, meaning that once you hit 30GB, your speeds will slow down and you will need to pay an extra $10 per GB if you want to resume full internet speeds again.

This increase in data cap is temporary and was implemented on the 1st of April. We’re not sure if Google plans on extending this offer, but presumably it will depend on how well the coronavirus situation is contained, and whether or not people will be able to resume their regular lives in the near future.

Google Fi isn’t the only mobile phone service to offer such features during these trying times. Other US carriers have announced that they will be suspending account cancellations and waiving late fees in the event that some customers might not have the money to pay their phone bills.

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