Gas Boilers in the Modern Age

The gas boilers are back. Or rather, they never left. You may have fond memories of your childhood when the gas boiler pumped hot water into your shower and your radiators to warm you up in the winter. Although many people gave up on these systems at the time because they were considered polluting and unsafe, technological advances have made them reliable and incredibly versatile again. If you want to know all that gas boilers can offer you today, read on.

How does a gas boiler work?
The gas boiler consists of two main compartments: the burner and the exchanger. The burner is the place where the combustion takes place. In other words: the gas flows to the burner. This is where the gas is ignited. A water pipe runs next to the burner. As the gas burns, the heat generated by the burner heats the pipe and the water that flows inside it. This hot water flows to the heat exchanger. Inside the exchanger, there is a water pipe heated by the burner and a domestic water pipe. Inside the exchanger, the heat carried by the primary system pipe is transferred to the domestic hot water. In this way, when you open a tap or a radiator, the hot water leaves the gas boiler at a heated temperature.

What types of gas boilers are there?
There are currently three types of gas boilers on the market:

  1. Gas boilers for domestic hot water are used to heat water that is then delivered to taps and showers. It is a system analogous to gas heaters, the electric thermos flask or thermosiphon.
  2. Gas boilers for heating. These types of boilers use this combustion system to provide heating. The water heated by the burner does not flow to an exchanger, but to radiators through a system of pipes. This water reaches the radiator and heats the materials. And these materials radiate heat into the atmosphere of your home to heat the room and increase the temperature inside to one that is pleasant and counteracts the cold outside.
  3. Finally, you have available the mixed boilers. These combine the functions of gas boilers for domestic hot water and boilers for heating in the same system. Depending on the function you activate. The water heated by the combustion of the burner will flow to the exchanger to heat the domestic hot water or to the radiators to radiate heat to the environment of your home. This versatile nature makes them a very convenient way to save space and costs, as the same system performs two distinct functions.

What types of gas do you use?
In Spain, three types of fuel are used for gas boilers: butane gas, propane gas and natural gas. Each one has its own characteristics and is more suitable for a geographical area or a type of home. Below we tell you about the particularities of each one.

Butane gas boiler
A gas with a high calorific value that is sold in liquid form in cylinders. It does not require installation work in the home, as the cylinders are supplied at home or at authorised points of sale (such as petrol stations). The cylinder must be placed near the boiler and is connected by means of a flexible pipe. It is recommended especially for hot geographical areas, as butane gas solidifies at temperatures below zero.

Propane gas boiler
One of the most versatile gases. It can be supplied by means of cylinders, from the distribution network or by means of tankers to huge containers. This variety of sales methods makes it perfect for isolated areas or areas that are difficult to access, as it gives the possibility of collecting large quantities and does not require a sales route that passes through the area regularly. It is also ideal for particularly cold areas, as it has a very low freezing point and can provide hot water and heating at sub-zero temperatures.

Natural gas boiler
One of the most environmentally friendly gases. Natural gas also has the advantage of being one of the safest fuels. This is due to its lightness. In the event of fuel leakage from the gas boiler, natural gas weighs less than air, so instead of accumulating it tends to float and escape through windows or other ventilation points. It is particularly suitable in urban areas, as it is only supplied through a pipeline distribution network.

Which is the most cost-effective?
Natural gas is considered the most economical type of gas boiler fuel. However, there are other particularities you should take into account. In order to connect to the distribution network you may have to carry out works in your home, which would require an initial investment that you must take into account. On the other hand, gases do not work the same at different temperatures, so if you live in very cold areas of Spain the main thing is to make sure that your water boiler will be available when you need it most. There are many elements other than price that you should consider when comparing gas boilers.

Do you find the information we offer interesting? Are you thinking of changing your boiler or installing a heating boiler? We can help you get quotes for your project.

What gas boiler systems are there?
In terms of gas boiler systems, we can differentiate between three types: wall hung boilers, watertight boilers and gas condensing boilers. Each one has its advantages and is more suitable for one type of home or another.

Wall mounted boiler
One of the most appreciated types of boilers. This is because they are gas boilers of a very small size and provide a great deal of independence. They are even compatible with solar energy systems. The atmospheric burner allows air to enter in just the right amount so that the combustion of the gas is converted into small flames scattered around the exchanger.

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