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Citations and reference organization can be one of the most frustrating things you’ll ever have to deal with as a student. While there’s plenty of resources online that make the task a little easier, until recently, there hasn’t been a fully-featured reference management software that satisfied all of our requirements. Before we get into the solutions available, you may be wondering what exactly is reference management software, and how can this help you as a student?

With citation management tools you can keep track of the sources in your work and save your references for future use and reuse. Some reference managers offer the ability to export quotations and references to a word processor by selecting relevant elements from your database. They offer a number of functions, such as the export of quotations and references that are imported and exported from the database, as well as the ability to select relevant articles from a database and export them to your word processors. 

Ideally, the reference manager should also be able to support word quotations, a task that requires the RM to work with word processing software. Most citation management software provides information that can be converted into a reference list or text quotation by type. When using the reference management software, you must select the type of citation that is needed and then use the program to insert the citation as written. Most reference managers now have features for managing PDF files, but this paper is the first reference manager to focus on this aspect. 

If you are new to using reference management software, you may be interested in knowing what all is out there. Zotero is good for your reference management needs to be easy, but lacks more advanced features. Many other reference managers are available, including Citavi, which is popular in all disciplines and also helps with knowledge management, and ReadCube, which has many useful features such as a search engine and database. While these tools are worthy of a look, if you want to get all of these features in one, easy to use solution, we highly recommend Flowcite.

Now that you have plenty of options, we entice you to explore them all so that you can see for yourself why Flowcite dominates in the industry of reference management software solutions.


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