Cybersecurity Guide for Hospitality

There is a high amount of confidence implied when a guest makes the decision to pick your hotel. Why? At a basic level, clients need to be confident that the bed they are going to sleep in and the toilet they are going to use are clean. In fact, they trust that inside the hotel their dearest and private items are safe, and the security of the hotel room is of the highest quality. If they have any reason to doubt these basic requirements – it’s probably they stay elsewhere.

An individual in the present tech era may feel that the hospitality sector has entered the golden era. But instead of a technological revival and regeneration, hoteliers are facing increasing security problems.

The following list is from the hotel cybersecurity Secure Stay company will help keep the hospitality cybersecurity at its highest rate:


Data protection from credit cards is a priority in the prevention of cyberattacks on hotel information. Securing it is majorly important. Hotels are experiencing challenges in protecting information gathered from client’s cards. The main issue is the need to keep data from the card for later charges. Avoiding storing credit card data should always be a priority.

Hotels must use a card processor that implements a tokenization service. When the hotel transfers credit card data to be authorized when utilizing tokenization, they not only send back the permission but also a token that can be used for later charges.

Even if it turns out the token is compromised, it is only useful for transactions between the customer in question and that hotel, so its storage is secure.

End-to-end encryption

The use of an end-to-end encrypted payment system can also help in securing the transaction. With that scheme, inside the POS or hospitality system the card number is not stored, and the data that goes through the network is encrypted, too. But, encryption requires a link between the two ends, so that they can negotiate the encryption key that is derived.

It is very important to keep the hotel’s internet connection constantly up for the purpose of tokenization and encryption.

If the internet is not working no payments can be processed. Support is required so as to optimize the efficiency of the payment processes. Hence, having a dual-WAN, or SD-WAN broadband service is essential to maximize the security of payment systems.

Tackling flaws

The hospitality administration system functions as a central payment hub at all hotels. Point-of-sale systems for restaurants, shops, or other services all require communication paths that return to the hospitality system where protected information is collected. This presents a variety of weak spots where a cybercriminal makes his way into the hotel’s data storehouse.

There are two secure ways to protect data:

First, design the network with segmentation of the company, and specific pinholes between network devices to facilitate the circulation of information.

Second, there must be a state-of-the-art review of their traffic between segments to detect anything that might attempt to gather or send data outbound. Each hotel chain has a loyalty platform that stores data either on the cloud or in a data center. Using encrypted connectivity between web pages is strongly suggested to avoid intercepting that data. This may be in the form of SD-WAN, MPLS network or direct connectivity to Virtual Private Networks.

Safe WiFi for Guests

Another significant thing to bear in mind is the security of a WiFi hotel network. Many hotels have another internet access for WiFi for guests that has no connection to the hotel’s internal network. That strategy is undoubtedly more expensive but by far the safest. Also with segmentation, the amount of bugs in the chipsets of the many other WiFi gadgets that get connected to a WiFi network that has a setup aimed to be protected may be used.

The hospitality industry is incredibly reliant on trust, and nothing undermines morale faster than a current breach appearing in the press. Similar to marketing investments, owners must invest in their hotel cyber security.


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