Adobe Is Giving Everyone Free Two Months Of Creative Cloud

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  • Adobe Is Giving Everyone Free Two Months Of Creative Cloud

With more people starting to work and study from home, it means that cloud services have become more important than ever as it allows for students and workers to work together remotely and sync their files together, as well as being able to access it from anywhere, like their home computers.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is one of those services, and it looks like the company is now giving all of its subscribers a free two months. It will require that users have a Creative Cloud account and subscription to begin with, so basically you will be extending your subscription by an extra two months for free.

However, for some reason, Adobe has not really shown how to claim this feature. Instead, the company seems to have hidden the offer and you will need to go through some steps to claim it. First of all, you’ll need to log into your Creative Cloud account. Secondly, go to the Manage Plan section after you’ve logged in, and then request to cancel your plan.

I had a little trouble getting through it so here’s a video for my visual learners LOL

— Yehju Park (@yehjupark) March 17, 2020

However, don’t worry, you aren’t actually cancelling your plan. Choose the option that says “Too expensive” and hit continue, after which Adobe will then direct you to an offers page to convince you to stay. Over here, you should find the option for the free two month deal.

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