5 Best Mage Heroes in Mobile 2020

Mage is a class Mobile Legends that can have a significant role in winning team fights due to their wide-ranged magic damage, not to mention that some of the mage heroes are also able to provide crowd control effects that will give the enemies a nightmare. Of the many mage heroes available in Mobile Legends at the moment id pro pkv games, there are five best mage heroes in Mobile Legends for agust 2020.

On this occasion, Dunia Games would like to discuss the five best mage heroes in Mobile Legends agst 2020. Who do you think will be on this list? Well, without further ado, let’s get into the discussion below!


5 Best Mage Heroes in Mobile 2020

Next, there’s the mage hero who isn’t widely-used by players in ranked matches, especially in the Epic ranked tier, Harith. Although he’s starting to get left behind, as it turns out, Harith is still one of the most powerful mage heroes since he’s able to deal huge damage, and his skill can also trigger some critical.

In addition to that, Harith also boasts a passive that allows him to reduce the enemy’s crowd control effect, making it quite easy for him to withstand any kind of ganking.


5 Best Mage Heroes in Mobile 2020

In fifth, there’s the adorable mage, Chang’e. Chang’e is a mage with huge attack power, she can produce a terrifying damage-per-second with a wide attack range. Aside from that, Chang’e is also able to attack her enemies from a considerable distance using her ultimate.

Besides having a wide and far-reaching range, Chang’e’s ultimate move also inflicts immense damage, and can easily disrupt the enemy’s formation in a team fight.


5 Best Mage Heroes in Mobile 2020

After getting revamped, Pharsa has become a sought-after mage hero in ranked matches due to her massive burst damage, coupled with a wide attack range of her ultimate.

In certain conditions and situations, sometimes, if not often, Pharsa gets banned since her ability certainly is troubling for any enemies in team fights.


5 Best Mage Heroes in Mobile 2020

Cecilion still tops the list as the most powerful mage, if not OP, at the moment due to his ridiculous burst damage, especially in late games. When Cecilion has completed his item build, he can easily wipe out an enemy just by using a single combo!

That’s the very reason why Cecilion always ends up being the banned hero in the ranked matches of Mobile Legends Season 16.


5 Best Mage Heroes in Mobile 2020

Up until now, Esmeralda is still one of the most powerful tank-mage heroes in Mobile Legends, thanks to her exceptional defensive stats, coupled with massive damage-per-second, as well as disruptive crowd control she has.

Esmeralda also boasts a quite unique ability, which allows her to steal the nearby enemies’ shields, which make her, even more, tankier and harder to kill.

Well, that was a brief explanation of the five best mage heroes in Mobile Legends for April. What do you think, do you agree with the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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